About Us

Afghanistan is a country with fairy tales and dreams. 40 years ago, Haji Agha Mohammad started his journey to establish Rasool Zadaa Rugs and Carpets with the slogan “Every knot is a dream” and named it after his late father Haji Abdul Rasool Zadaa.  His dream was letting the world explore the beauty and art of handmade rugs and carpets. With all the ups and downs of the political situation in the country, Rasool Zadaa kept growing with its 3 branches in Kabul, Mazar, and Pakistan as a prominent name in the industry.

With the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Rasool Zadaa continued to grow and started selling and shipping to all parts of the world. it was contracted by the government to fully furnish Afghanistan’s Presidential Palace as well as Afghanistan’s Darulaman Palace that was built by King Amanullah Khan.

Darul Aman Palace is a three-story-tall palace located about 16 kilometres south-west of the centre of Kabul, Afghanistan. It sits directly across from the National Assembly Building, and is close to the National Museum of Afghanistan, the palace was refurnished on 2021 and Rasool Zadaa was awarded the contract of furnishing the whole palace by Afghanistan’s Office of President.

Rasool Zadaa was tasked by the president of Afghanistan on 2019 to fully furnish Afghanistan’s Presidential Palace.  


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